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Soal-soal Latihan Kompetensi

1. The team _____ along the river when they accidently found a big cave.
    A. were walking       C. walked           E. are walking
    B. walk                     D. will walk

2. Dewi : What was your sister doing when you arrived home last night?
   Tono : She ________ in the kitchen.
    A. cooks              C. has cooked            E. was cooking
    B. is cooking       D. has been cooking

3. “What a beautiful voice. She is a talented singers.”
    “She ________ since she was a child.”
    A. sang      C. had been singing       E. has been singing
    B. sings      D. is singing

4. Acah : When will your sister finish her study?
    Anto : I hope she ________ by July next year.
    A. will have graduated
    B. has garduated
    C. will graduate
    D. is going to graduate
    E. intends to graduate

5. 'I have been waiting to go around the world?'
    The above sentence means the speaker _________.
    A. has never done it
    B. has seen a lot of the world
    C. is travelling around the world
    D. doesn't have to go around the world
    E. has often been back from around the world

6. X : Can I have your report on the last week's study tour to Lampung?
    Y: I'm still working on it. But I _______ it by the time you're back
    from the meeting.
    A. am going to      C. will have finished E. am finishing
    B. have finished    D. will finish

7. Mr. Dedet leaves Surabaya for Medan by GIA 707 at 9 a.m. he ____
    A. arrive              C. will have arrived     E. arrived
    B. was arriving   D. will arrive

8. 'I didn't meet Steve when I visited him yesterday.'
    'Oh, he _____ for Singapore to see his parents.'
    A. will leave      C. would leave       E. had left
    B. has left          D. is leaving

9. 'When did you take the academic writing course?'
    'Last year, after _______ composition II.'
    A. complete        C. was completing    E. have completed
    B. to complete    D. had completed

10. 'As a student, I always had instant noodles for breakfast.'
     This means that I ________ for breakfast.
     A. am having instant noodles
     B. like to have instant noodles
     C. am used to having instant noodles
     D. have instant noodles
     E. used to have instant noodles

11. 'Several hotels in this region are closing down.'
     'That's because tourism itself _______ since last year.'
     A. is declining       C. had declining             E. declined
     B. was declining   D. has been declining

12. The book that I ______ in the classroom was found by Ali.
     A. had left                   C. was leaving              E. have left
     B. would have left      D. had been leaving

13. 'Wher is Tanti?'
      'Idon't know. In fact I _____ any of our friend since I arrived.
      A. did not see                  C. was not seeing        E. had not seen
      B. have not seen             D. do not see

14. 'What are you looking for?'
      'My wallet. I don't know where I ____ it.'
      A. have been putting         C.have put             E. had put
      B. was putting                   D. am putting

15. Naryo and I will wait at the corner until you ____ with a car.
      A are coming       D. will be coming
      B. will come         E. came
      C. come

16. 'I have written three letters' means:
      A. I am still writing now
      B. I have to write now
      C. I haven't finished writing yet
      D. I am not writing anymore
      E. I hope to finish writing

17. 'Anwar was promoted president of your company last week, wasn't he?'
      'I'm glad he was; he ____ in this company for years.'
      A. had worked         C. has been working       E. was working
      B. would work         D. worked

18. 'Could you pleasebook me on the next flight to Mexico City?'
      'I'm sorry, Sir. Our airline _____ to Mexico City.'
      A. will not fly       C. doesn't fly                     E. has not been flying
      B. did not fly        D. were not able to fly

19. 'Did you see the children when you came home this afternoon?'
      'No, they _____ their teacher in Priok.'
      A. visited               C. would have visited      E. were visiting
      B. had visited        D. to visit

20. 'Since when hasn't she been feeling well?'
       'Since she ______ from Singapore.'
       A. returned           C. has been returning       E. was returning
       B. has returned    D. had returned

21. 'Do you think the bus driver is speeding?'
      'Yes, I'm afraid he ______ the lives of the passenggers.'
      A. endanger
      B. will endanger
      C. would have endangered
      D. endangers
      E. would endanger

22. 'Have the boys had their breakfast?'
       'Not yet, they ________.'
      A. have taken a bath
      B. are still taking a bath
      C. will take a bath
      D. were taking a bath
      E. would still take a bath

23. 'Which paintings will be exhibited tomorrow?'
       'We do not know yet, a team _________.'
       A. is still selecting them
       B. will still be selecting
       C. has been selecting
       D. stillselects
       E. were still selecting

24. 'The anthropologist has been studying that tribe for the last five years.'
       means 'he ________ tribe.'
       A. has finished studying
       B. studied
       C. was studying
       D. had studied
       E. is still studying

25. 'What is your plan for this weekend?'
      'I _______ my brother.'
      A. will have visited
      B. have visited
      C. will have been visiting
      D. visited
      E. will visit

26. 'Why were you absent from the English class?'
       'Because I ______ my homework.'
       A. don't do           D. am not doing
       B. won't do           E. hadn't done
       C. haven't done

27. 'Why were her eyes red?'
      'Because ________.'
      A. she cries                         D. she has been crying
      B. she is crying                   E. she has cried
      C. she had been crying

28. The bus came after I _______ for about forty minutes.
      A. have been waiting     D. had been waiting
      B. have waited                E. was waiting
      C. am waiting

29. The engine ______ smoothly when it suddenly stopped.
      A. runs E. was running
      B. running
      C. has run
      D. is running

30. 'All students had just left the classroom when the mathematics teacher
       came in.'
       From this sentence we may conclude that _______.
       A. the students came late for the mathematics class
       B. the teacher cancelled the mathematics class
       C. the mathematics class started late today
       D. there was no mathematics class that day
       E. the teacher asked the students to leave the class

31. He put out the light. Then he locked the door.
      The above sentences can be joined as follows:
      A. When he lock the door, he put out the light
      B. He would put out the light if he locked the door
      C. He had put out the light before he locked the door
      D. He put out the light after he locked the door
      E. While he was locking the door, he put out the light

32. She ________ the shoes for five minutes when one of the heels
       came off.
      A. am only wearing
      B. was only wearing
      C. had only been wearing
      D. have only been wearing
      E. only wore

33. 'How long has he been the principle of our school?'
       'Since I _______ this school.'
       A. was entering         C. had entered              E. entered
       B. have entered        D. had been entering

34. I didn't hear the thunder during the storm last night because I _______
      A. have been sleeping     C. am sleeping       E. had slept
      B. have slept                    D. was sleeping

35. Indri has bought a cassette player last week and she ________ to
      music ever since.

     A. has been listening E. listened
     B. would have listened
     C. was listening
     D. will be listening

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  3. AECACCDE (No. 9 = after + Ving : after completing/after having completed) EEABCC (No.16 PRESET PERFECT TENSE = completed action but the time in unstated when it is = I have finished) CCEABBAEEECDEDCCEE